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World Class Deep Sea Fishing

We fish by trolling for Wahoo, Mahi-mahi, and Ahi tuna early in the day. Later, live bait for Amberjack and Cubera snapper or spin casting against rocks for exciting surface strikes works well. On longer trips we can try our luck for Marlin, Sailfish and big Tuna. We release all billfish (Marlin, Sailfish, etc) and any fish after we've caught our fill. We filet the fish we will keep as soon as we can and bring back only clean filets in iced storage bags. If the fishing is good we make fresh sushi or ceviche on board.

Wahoo Wahoo are members of the Tuna family of fish. In Hawaii the fish is called "Ono" which is also the Hawaiian word for "delicious". An excellent fish to eat that is rarely served in restaurants as it can only be caught by high speed trolling, something commercial fisherman never do. Smaller wahoo are caught from July to September. Specimens up to 50 pounds and beyond are caught in November and December.

A deck-full of Wahoo, mostly in the 30 pound range.
Mahi-Mahi Mahi-mahi, or Dorado as they are known locally, are hard fighting fish that can get up to 40 pounds. They are caught year-round, but more often from November to April. Mahi-mahi can often be found in the shade of floating tree trunks far from land where a few casts with a spinning rod will hook one for an extremely aggressive fight.

A Mahi-mahi.
Cubera Snapper Cubera Snapper, a type of large red snapper and Amberjack are both rock fish that can get up to 60 pounds and 90 pounds respectively. They both prefer live bait lowered near rocky seamounts, but will occasionally strike a surface plug or slowly trolled lure. Both are excellent table fare and are caught year-round.

A 40 pound Cubera Snapper, caught with live bait.
Black Marlin Black Marlin are huge billfish usually hooked with a live bait trolled slowly. Marlin and Sailfish are both regarded as poor eating and are usually released to fight another day. Their best season is March through July.

An approximately 450 pound black marlin is brought carefully alongside the Geisha after a 1hr 45min fight.
Yellowfin Tuna Yellowfin or Ahi Tuna are well known as excellent sushi or seared steaks in restaurants. We usually catch these fish in the twenty to thirty pound range in January, February and March, but later in April, May and June, the larger Tuna come to the blue water.

This 160 pound fish took over two hours to bring on board.